Find out what makes the Garrettsville Area a good place to visit, and a great place to live!

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About Discover Garrettsville

Thinking local has it's rewards!

Take a village located in the heart of the Western Reserve, add a group of motivated business owners, and you have the makings of an amazing promotional campaign designed to encourage and reward people who explore everything the Garrettsville Area has to offer.

Beginning Friday, April 1st and running through September 30, you will have the opportunity to not only see what Garrettsville has to offer, but get involved and enter our “Discover Garrettsville” contest for a chance to become one of the lucky winners who will receive a Discover Garrettsville prize pack valued at $190 per drawing!

Entering the “Discover Garrettsville” contest is fun and easy. Simply pick-up a card at any of the participating businesses, have your card punched at five retail or dining establishments before submitting your entry. Each month we will select one winner from the prior month’s completed cards – our first drawing will be May 10th with the final drawing taking place on October 10th.

For more information on the Discover Garrettsville contest, follow us on the following social media platforms and use hashtag “#discover44231”.
Facebook: Discover Garrettsville
Instagram: @Discover44231
Twitter: @Discover44231

“What an awesome little town! I admit, the Queen of Hearts brought me, but I was so impressed by the people, I will definitely come back to visit soon. You couldn't ask for more friendly people!”

― Kristin Kwasny

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“Such a wonderful little town, it's such a lovely place to visit!”

― Sarah Anderson

8088 Main Street, Garrettsville, OH 44231

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